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Michael Mayer delamare at
Wed Feb 12 15:19:37 PST 1997

>From the Hospitaler's Office:

I wanted to share the following with the community at large. It's a 
recent email sent my way...

"I wanted to pass on a thank you to a fighter in your group, but I don't
know his name.  Maybe you can get this to him...

My son Douglas is 3, and right now deep into the Chronicles of Narnia.
We have a video of Prince Rilian and the Silver Chair, which he has
watched many many times.  Sunday we were at Raymond Rimkus park, getting
ready to leave, when I noticed some SCA fighters having practice.  I
pointed them out to Doug and he was all excited to see 'Prince Rilian'
right there at the park!  We went over and watched until they took a
break, then walked over.  I asked one fighter (he was wearing red, if
that helps anyone) if he would mind saying hi to my son, as he was so
thrilled to actually meet the Prince.  Although this man was obviously
pretty beat from his strenuous practice, he did very kindly take a few
minutes to talk to Doug.

That just made the weekend!  He has been talking about Prince Rilian to
anyone who will listen.  I wanted to pass along my thanks to this
fighter, and let him know how big an impression he made.  For some
reason, Doug always is most drawn to the evil characters in a story (in
this case, the Emerald Witch), but we spent all evening talking about
how nice the Prince was, how strong and brave, how he could beat the
Witch because he was a good knight, etc."

Thanks again,

Sheila Bowman
bowman at

- To the 'red' fighter, VIVAT!  You won the hearts of these fine gentles, 
and the admiration from those of us in this Office.  This is what it's 
all about folks!

"Live The Dream"

THL Michael de la Mare
Deputy Kingdom Hospitaler

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