katie g decker katie15g at juno.com
Fri Feb 14 11:14:20 PST 1997

Greetings to good Ld. Jovian!  Aquilanne here.

I think you're on the wrong track, but I'll try to help.

>Greetings from Ld Jovian,
>I would like some help clarifying some things. We're trying to breath.
> Here are some questions we have come up with...
>What are guilds?
>What are their purpose?

They're an apparatus through which fish breath; but I doubtfully question
their appropriateness for a land-dweller such as yourself and (I can only
presume) your friends.

>What do you do in them?

This question seems to exhibit a lack of understanding of the item in
question.  In general, they're too small to do anything "in" them, and if
you happened upon a creature with a large enough set of them to get "in"
them, it would probably be a bad idea to do so.

>How are they run?

By the fish's autonomic system.

>How often should they meet?

Well, considering they're on opposite sides of the fish's head, they
shouldn't meet at all! 

>What are some "basic" guilds that each group should have?

I think most groupers should have about the same kind as any other fish, but
that's not the kind of thing that we have much control over, now do we?

>How are reports handled?

Is that a different kind of fish?  Are we talking game for sport or catch
and release?  Each require different approaches and technique.

>What is reported?

Now, if you don't know what kind of creature you're fishing for, maybe you
should do some research.  Else you might not use the right bait.

>How do the guild leaders get info and assistance?

www.fishbreath.com--it's in the net (heeheehee)

>Any help would be invaluable.

I'll bet you're not so sure any more, are you?

>Grace and Peace,
>Jovian Skleros

Peace from Grace (Aquilanne Grace, that is) ;->

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