On-line vs. Printed Newsletters (long)

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Wed Feb 12 07:02:52 PST 1997

> Several officers in the North have mentioned to me that they do not want
> thier personal name and address printed over the internet for anyone to
> obtain.

If they contact me directly, I will remove them from the list. This has
always been the case, but not printed in the BlackStar yet. On the other
hand, if a group lists their local officers on their web page, I will
put a link to it, if not duplicating it. (Depends on format.)

Just fyi, the following groups have officers on their own web pages:

Bjornsborg (SCA name only)
Brad Leah (Society, Mundane and email address)
Bryn Gwlad
Dun na Loch Ruadh (Chronicler only)
Eldern Hills
Namron (Hospitaler only)
Three Bridges (Partial list)

Of the ones that had web pages but not officer listings, 1 only had it's
arms, 1 was incipient and still building the page and the last was a
college that had gone dormant.

Moonschadowe only had SCA name and email for a couple contact points.

Shadowlands had guild contacts only.

Out of the 48 groups in the Kingdom only 15 have web pages. I have had 3
groups send me the entire list of their officers since my request in the
BlackStar. Of these, only 1 had a web page that already had their
officers listed.

Btw, by only having the Mundane listing from Brad Leah, I was able to
find the address and phone number 4 of the 4 officers I tried. This was
only using one search engine.

> They understand that being an officer means that they must be
> accessible, but on a limited basis.

I still don't understand why. Have we had any incidents of people
abusing the on-line SCA material? Have we had hordes of people show up
at people's doors that weren't expected? Have we had hordes of
pagans/cult hunters showing up at events because we had this information

I certainly understand concrete concerns such people who have stalkers,
disgruntled ex-"spouses", etc. I don't understand fear of the unknown.

> What could be considered would be the
> phone numbers and SCA names of those whom objected to the description as a
> violation of their privacy.

Isn't the only official correspondance allowed USmail? *shrug*

Btw, I'm currently discussing this topic on the SCA-Chroniclers mailing
list as well.


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