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Wed Feb 12 08:16:55 PST 1997

Thank you Modius. I did indeed work with the Hospitlers office to try and
work PR issues. I felt the Hospitlers office had the best information and
should collect articles, letters etc. I handed over anything that was in
the Seneschal's files. I also ended up working with the Kingdom Hospitler
to put a packet together that eventually went to the person/people giving
us problems at the request of Corporate.

The Seneschal is the head officer of any group and is responsible for the
other officers. Any good Seneschal works with the other officers as a team
to get the job done. A Seneschal that does not use all the tools at their
disposal is not doing their job. There are grey areas where offices
overlap, all offices, and they must work together.

As for officers having their numbers posted to a public forum... Well I
have an unlisted home number and did have the whole time I was in office.
My husband is a Police Officer, it is simply a precaution. I also knew
that as an officer my number had to be public. I may have cringed some
times to see where my number was being posted, but it is part of the job
if you take it. It is a sign of the times. I NEVER got any crank calls as
a result of my number being on the corporate AND Kingdom web pages in my
2.5 years in office. Actually, the only problem calls came from people
who got my number as members getting the Blackstar! Food for thought.


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