Ride to the war

Eric Jackson jackser at Okway.okstate.edu
Wed Feb 12 10:14:13 PST 1997

        Katarina if you are who I think you are then I was told last week 
     at populace that you wanted a ride. If I am right I just wanted to let 
     you know that I need $50 soon for your space on the van.  If I am 
     wrong hello  I am Owen from Mooneschadowe in stillwater OK if you need 
     a ride to Gulf wars we will be leaving Wen. 15th at 8:00am and it 
     costs $50 to ride in one of the vans.
                                                Owen Ap Aeddan Ap Trahaern

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Subject: Re: Ride to the war
Author:  ansteorra at eden.com at SMTP
Date:    2/11/97 5:08 PM

I forgot to say I need a ride to Gluf Wars 
In Service,

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