Candlemass Cheeze Goo: A Tradition?

Jeanne Stapleton jstaplet at
Wed Feb 12 09:44:21 PST 1997

Okay, I gotta know...Cheeze Goo?

> >Greetings,
> >
> >I cooked the Candlemas feast.  I am looking for comments on the
> >feast about what dishes were liked and not liked. Particularly, I
> >am interested in the onion soup which some liked and some did not.
> >What didn't you like about it?  Comments on the other dishes are
> >welcome as well. I am always interested in improving my recipes and
> >my offerings at events!  Please send your comments to my private
> >email so the list doesn't become cluttered - macdj at .
> Well....
> THe cheeze goo, was well, cheeze goo... and therefore excellent, I
> also in particular enjoyed the peaches, the bread (when covered in
> cheeeze goo) and the meat soups (with and without cheeze goo added)
> there was somethign else i liked, but i can't remeber what it was
> now...I guess cheeze goo effects your memory
> and of course the lemonaide.. (grin)
> as advertized I was too full to enjoy much of the second remove...
> I was less fond of (ie tasted but put aside for more cheeze goo)
> The pork pate, cold bland meat while making a nice change of pace to
> clear the palatte was not an effective medium for or complement to
> cheeze goo.
> the onion soup.... 
> well, it was just not what i was anticipating... either something
> more like french onion, (beef broth???) or less sherry more of some
> other stock, and use the sweet north carolina onions you can eat
> like an apple... maybe sautee the onions i butter first to brin out
> the sweet??? this also was not an effective meduim for cheeze goo.
> It was everything it was advertsed, soup and oniony, but sounded
> better than it was, especialy compared to cheeze goo.
> All in all there was more of what I enjoyed eating than i could eat,
> therefore I'd give it a A- overall, (there were no grapes to hurl at
> each other) and you had cheeze goo, an automatic A++ in my book by
> itself....
> Caladin
> P.S> I like the cheeze goo!  
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