Candlemass Cheeze Goo: A Tradition?

Nancy Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Feb 12 11:11:09 PST 1997

What Clarissa cooked is correctly called Savory Toasted Cheese, which is a
period dish.  We all tend to call it cheese goo.  It is cream cheese, brie
and butter all melted together to form the sauce.  You can eat it with
vegies or normally chunks of bread.  This stuff easily makes stale bread
taste really excellent.  People have been tempted to sneak off with all of
it.  I snuck off with a little and I shouldn't be eating it. It's becoming
her signature dish in a non-vegetable eating population (cuz it has none!).

        BTW, all her other food she prepared was period and highly edible.
She is an excellent cook and I was fortunate enough to assist in the
kitchen so I got to see what she does.  It was a lot of fun as well.



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