ansteorra V1 #703 - Hospitaler's Office & Kingdom Law

Michael Mayer delamare at
Sat Feb 15 23:28:13 PST 1997

For everyone's information, the Hospitaler's Office NEVER had any publication 
incorporated into LAW; while we did CONSIDER incorporating "The GUIDING HAND" new 
member's guidebook when then Mistress Maire served as Kingdom Seneschal, we opted, 
instead, to simply have it serve as the 'official' new member's information source.  We 
felt it served the Kingdom in its own right without having it become part of the 
'plethora' of "official" publications.  The net version is the most current and 
continues to be expanded upon as new information is located.

As for LAW, as Her Excellency Maire has already stated, the Hospitaler's Office is 
"responsible" for PR efforts relating to Ansteorra and SCA play in this Kingdom.  The 
Seneschal's Office and Hospitaler's Office often work together, especially when/if 
matters involving negative publicity arise.  These two offices, especially on local 
levels, assist with demo's and other presentations; some groups operate both a 
Hospitaler's Office with another gentle delegated exclusively for coordinating demo's.

For the many who have played this game a while, they can recall when the Hospitaler's 
Office was originally a part of the Seneschal's duties some many years back.  As the 
Society/Kingdoms/Groups grew, and additional responsibilities were tacked on, the 
Hospitaler's Office was formed to better serve everyone by focusing on new member 
development, recruiting, and other similar tasks now associated with this Office.

Lord Modius, our Kingdom Hospitaler, maintains a wonderful site: which delves with Hospitaler duties and 
responsibilities, for those who are interested.  The 'alternative' Hospitaler site:   provides a collection of sites and links useful for 
Hospitalers and new members alike.

"Live The Dream"
THL Michael
Deputy Kingdom Hospitaler

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