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Thu Feb 20 07:43:17 PST 1997

         The group will be leaving from Stillwater Ok, yes your car would 
     be safe but I am guessing that the drive to Stillwater would be to 
     long of one. I wish yu the best of luck in finding a ride and I would 
     be more than welcome for you to still ride with us.
                                Ld Owen Ap Aeddan Ap Trahaern

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Subject: Re: Ride to the war
Author:  ansteorra at at SMTP
Date:    2/12/97 1:15 PM

Greetings My Lord
No I do not beleave we have meet..
If you can tell me were we would be leaving from and If there is some 
were I would beable to leave my car and if it would be salf.
thank you 
Misty Shepard 
Graham, Tex

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