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>Bors -  
>You guys have _got_ to quit letting cynical Seneschals -- or Barons -- talk
>to your newcomers.  You'll lose more people that way...!
>- Galen

   Boy Galen- get a grip-
      How can you tell some ones been in the SCA to long? They lose their
sense of humor.  The whole point of the list was to humorously point out the
inequities of become a knight within the SCA.  I chased the belt four almost
ten years and just realized this last year, that it just wasn't going to
happen. Not because of anything I did or didn't do, but because I wouldn't
play the kiss up, or suck up, or political game that it seems to take, to
become a knight in the kingdom.  This kingdom is divided by two main power
brokers.  If you are not firmly entrenched with one or the other, you can
pretty much kiss any chance of becoming a knight within this kingdom goodby.
 My mistake was thinking I could do it out side of this system.  I was wrong.
 But I think others are seeing the same outcome.  At one time we had 12- 18
chivalric fighters within the Shire and then the Barony.  Now our fighter
practices are lucky to have 3-4 show up.  None of the knights have made an
appearance within the last year.  Cynical-yes , pragmatic-very, realist-
certainly, but don't let my cynicism fool you.  I love the SCA more and more
every year that I am in it.  These people are my family and my friends.  I
feel proud when I can see that a fighter  will some day make it, that he has
the right stuff to go all the way.  At the last crown tournament I fought in,
after it was all over, I did a pick up match with Sir Mahadi, now His
Majesty.   I could see the fire in him, but I could no longer see it in me.
 I told him I would be at his coronation within a year.  I was right, and I
was there!  But don't think for one moment that my attitute toward the
procurement of a white belt, in this kingdom and my attitude toward the SCA
are entwined.  They are two distinct and entirely different things.  I love
to encourage newcomers to find their place within our great organization  and
do everthing that I can to help them.  If you need references- they can be
                                                             Baron Bors of
                                                             Baron Loch

                       Par Deu, bel sire, cist est de ae vostre lin,
                       Et si mangue un grant braun porcin
                       Et a dous traitz beit un cester de vin.
                       Ben dure guete deit il rendre a sun veisin. 

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