Web pages updates

Pug ansteorr at murder.eden.com
Mon Feb 17 14:38:55 PST 1997

Good Morning,

  The King's College Class list on www.ansteorra.org has been updated. There
were 2 class descriptions added and 2 classes swapped times. Please check
if you are interested.

  As well, the Group listings on www.ansteorra.org now only have the Baron/
Baroness and Seneschal's listed, as they are in the BlackStar. (Not cross-
checked yet though. *sigh*) I removed the Chronicler listings. As well, I will
have links to the full officer listings as provided by the different groups.

In Service,

Btw, sorry this came from a strange email address. It's where I maintain the
web pages from.

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