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Mon Feb 17 20:44:20 PST 1997

The fourteenth _Sword & Sorceress_ anthology (edited by Marion Zimmer
Bradley, one of the SCA's founding members) went onto the bookstore shelves
in Dallas today.

Ansteorran connections to this volume specifically include Lee Martindale
(Ly. Llereth Wyddfa an Myrddin, Steppes) with a tale "slightly" twisting the
character of Merlin...

Other SCA connections include stories by Heather Rose Jones (Mstrs. Tangwystl
/ "Lady Harpy") and Dorothy J. Heydt (? Dorothea of the Mists??).

And I am certain that I have missed others of the collective authorship with
SCA ties...

[Yes, I have a connection to this: Ly. Llereth is one of my housemates, and
is my mundane writing partner / editor]

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