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Bors -

You're still focusing on the belt, and not on knighthood.

OK, let's talk about the belt.

Baronman at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-02-17 23:18:10 EST, you write:
> >And I, and Earl Kein, and Sir Conor, and Sir Pendaran, are parts of _which_
> >group?

Or Sir Kief, or Sir Richard ap Morgan, or Duke Mikael, or Sir Gunthar, Sir 
Barn, Sir Burke, Master Daniel, Sir Henri, etc.?  During a period in which 
each of five knights made were either named "Galen" or were squires to Duke 
Mikael, two of my squires proclaimed their intent to change their names and 
go talk to His Grace! (that's humor; true, but humor)

> Sir Galen-
> I greatly admire and respect anyone who can attain a belt within this kingdom
> and feel so for you and all the knights you mention.  However you and these
> others are the exception and not the rule.  

But an exception that's growing in numbers.  Others will join us; why have
you given up?

> You, yourself will have to admit
> that this is so.  Only when knights like the gentlemen mentioned above, are
> the rule and not the exception, will I consider the problem solved.  For one
> to admire the system of how knights are choosen  within this kingdom as a
> knight yourself is considered pragmatic.  For me to critizise from without of
> the system is considered jelousy.  But I must ask-- If the system works so
> well, how come all of the non-belted fighters within the kingdom don't sing
> the praises of the system?

Admire?  Not me!  The system doesn't work well.  That's why I -- and many other 
Knights and Masters -- are working to fix it.  There's some debate about methods
and candidates, but that's as it should be.  Didn't you see me at Coronation 
talking to _every_ knight there?  In all the events I've been to since the
beginning of the year, I haven't missed more than one knight to discuss the
Order's problems, how to fix them, and who we can agree to knight.  In the
last year and a half, Ansteorra has made two knights (one of whom is now a
Master of Arms); I don't believe that's an accurate reflection of the number of 
fighters who have earned knighthood in that time.  And I'm not alone in that
belief.  I can say this because I have talked to _many_ knights.  We don't
all agree -- Heaven forfend!  But I am doing my best from inside.  Why have
you given up on doing what you can from the outside?  Why did you ever want
to be a knight, Bors?  So much so that you took the name of a Knight of the
Round Table?  And what about what you wanted in knighthood has changed?

What will the Order do about these problems?  I won't know until it does 
or doesn't do whatever.  But I know that I will not give up on knighthood:
neither the formal recognition nor the ideals I hold in my heart and will
always do my best to realize, and never fully succeed at realizing.  I'll
continue to strive to be more worthy, and continue to try to improve my
order.  And some will continue to tell me, as they have, that I am a
great knight, and others (maybe many more others) will continue to believe,
as they have, that I'm a pompous blowhard who never should have been 
knighted.  YMMV

>                                   Baron Bors of Lothian
>               ---------------------------------------------------------------
>                          Par Deu, bel sire, cist est de ae vostre lin,
>                                                                  Et si mangue
> un grant braun porcin
>                          Et a dous traitz beit un cester de vin.
>                          Ben dure guete deit il rendre a sun veisin.

- Galen

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