PEmail News - and Prizewinners!

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Wed Feb 19 13:45:56 PST 1997

Dear Horid

I just thought that I would take this opportunity to drop you a quick
line to keep you informed of what's going on. 

Firstly, we have a winner of our first ever PEmail competition.  We
received hundreds of entries but we all agreed that the winner is
STEPHANIE SHARER.  Stephanie's excellent anagram of her own name was   
"Heart Shape Siren."

Runners up were ARIEL.S.BETAN with "Be a real saint" and JOHANNES
SCHMIDT with "Sham ends chin jot."

So unlucky this time if you didn't win, but don't worry, PEmail
competitions are now a regular feature, so your chance to be a winner
will come.

One of our most popular pages has also been updated to make it easier
for you to let people know about the benefits of using PEmail, so click
on "Tell your Friends" and tell us what you think.

Coming to a PC near you soon ...
1 Info about the next PEmail competition 

	- this one might provide you with your 15 minutes of fame - or
	even longer ??????

2 Updates on PEmail site developments

3 And what you've all been waiting for, the low down on the PEmail

Until the next time


Justin Brookfield
Marketing Manager
justin.brookfield at

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