Elayne Hoover elyh at wcc.net
Wed Feb 19 12:46:16 PST 1997

Marc D McKeeman wrote:

> >Marcus Hite wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >> It pains me to inform you that Lord Marquet De La Heyt is now free
> >and
> >> avalible, both in the SCA and in modern life, as of today about 1:45
> >p.m
> >>
> >>         Does anyone know where I can apply to be a "Amazon Boy Toy"?
> >>             Maybe I sould think about that last question
> >>                                Maybe
> First question,  Is the above a statement by the Lord Marquet De La Heyt?

Yes, the whole thing is there, just as I first recieved it.  I 
deleeted and added nothing.  His statement in no way reflects the 
attitudes or opinions held by Lady Ghislaine Fontanneau.
> If so, then I suggest He prepare himself for Armageddon. He may at any
> time communicate with me, threw e-mail at marcusmac at juno.com   .  And may
> further explain his intent.

I hope you don't intend to HURT him.  He's valuable merchandise!  Now, 
I know you're an Amazon Household champion.  Please don't be offended.  
Lord Marquet is not challenging or threatening any amazons.  He is 
merely offering his.....services to their amusement.  Once again, 
please do not be offended.   

>   I have been given  a great Honor and Privilege, too bear the Personal
> favor of her Most Benevolent Excellency Regina, Grand Matron of House
> Amazon, and have been granted Rapier Defender {male} of House Amazon.

I am Lady Ghislaine Fontanneau, personnally under the protection of 
the Amazon Household by the words of none other than Mistress Regina.  
I am cousin to Lord Marquet de la Heyt, and if any gentle takes or 
gives offense to Lard Marquet then may he prepare also to deal or duel 
with me, as well as my own personal champion, Lord Gavin MacIain.  I 
personally bear only the token of my own lord, Phelan McCairyns of 
Meridies, but I fight for his honor, my cousin's honor, my own honor, 
Baronesses Regina and Marthe, and for the Queen of Ansteorra.

In Service,

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