Marc D McKeeman marcusmac at juno.com
Wed Feb 19 21:05:33 PST 1997

>> >>
>> >>         Does anyone know where I can apply to be a "Amazon Boy 
>> >>             Maybe I sould think about that last question
>> >>                                Maybe
>> First question,  Is the above a statement by the Lord Marquet De La 
>Yes, the whole thing is there, just as I first recieved it.  I 
>deleeted and added nothing.  His statement in no way reflects the 
>attitudes or opinions held by Lady Ghislaine Fontanneau.

No problems here.
>I hope you don't intend to HURT him.     
  He's valuable merchandise!  Now, 

No I do not intend to hurt him.  I know Marguet.
>I know you're an Amazon Household champion.  Please don't be offended. 

NO offense was taken........
>Lord Marquet is not challenging or threatening any amazons.  He is 
>merely offering his.....services to their amusement.  Once again, 
>please do not be offended.   

ahhhhh..... as to their amusement,,, and that is what I was going after,
I am not offended.   
>I am Lady Ghislaine Fontanneau, personnally under the protection of 
>the Amazon Household by the words of none other than Mistress Regina.  

Hello cheese wiz!
>I am cousin to Lord Marquet de la Heyt, and if any gentle takes or 
>gives offense to Lard Marquet then may he prepare also to deal or duel 
>>with me,

An honor that I would cherish greatly.

 as well as my own personal champion, Lord Gavin MacIain.

Another Honor.    

This is a game, and no insult was taken on my behalf, and none was to be

H.L. Marcus>

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