Elayne Hoover elyh at wcc.net
Wed Feb 19 15:55:13 PST 1997

Well, by now you've gotten Marguet's side of the story.  It's mostly 
accurate, exept that I protested quite a bit more than he made out.  
In the end, I decided to go with the flow.  But really, I was in it 
for the jewelry....which I never got *pout*.  Sheesh, see if I ever 
play slave girl again!

Marquet, you know I love you, cuz!  If you're irked, you may go ahead 
and try to get revenge.  I say TRY to get revenge.... ;)  

Marcus, did you want to come down for fighter practice?  I had heard 
you were interested in playing with us some time.  And---who told you 
my nickname?!?!?!?


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