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> >I understand there is an event in San Antonio the weekend before Gulf Wars.
> > Someone please send me info.

Straight off the web page!!!  Except address.  Web page includes


Tournee de Lyonesse V

Once again the Isle of Lyonesse rises above the waves.  Lady Lyonesse
one and all to attend her and the Ladies of the Fields in a Grand
Tournament on
March 7-9, A.S. XXXI, 1997.
All combatants for the championship of the Tournee de Lyonesse must be
sponsored by a lady and must present a letter of intent to the Lady
Order of Precedence will be determined by when your letter is received. 
Your letter
must precede you, and should include the names of both combatant and
The combat will be long and arduous, but glory will greet those who show
chivalry in the eyes of the Ladies.  Combatants will demonstrate their
honor and
prowess in a pas d'arms using sword and shield, great arms, and pole
arms.  Melees
between the fields, bridge battles, and a grand melee au chervil will
ensue.  Finally,
the Champions of the Fields will defend the hilltop against all comers. 

The Lady Lyonesse invites all artisans to display works reflecting the
theme of
"Legendary Lovers."  A letter of intent and brief documentation are
The Great Horns Tavern awaits your arrival!  On Saturday evening, Chief
Cooks Astrid and LadyChristiana Ivarsdottir will present a sumptuous
feast that will include fresh fruit, breads and cheeses, beef burgundy
with rice, mixed vegetables, chicken a
l'orange, bread pudding, and cake with fruit.  Please notify the cooks
about dietary restrictions.  The Ansteorran Longship Project will serve
an omelet breakfast, for $3, on Sunday morning.
       The Lady welcomes merchants, but requests that only period wares
be displayed.  Fighters and populace are encouraged to display their
arms around the list field.  

Placement of period pavilions in the list field area will be at the
discretion of the stewards and the Lady Lyonesse.  Vehicles are to be
out of sight by 8:30 a.m., Saturday. 
 The site is Whitewater Sports Campgrounds, near New Braunfels, Texas. 
Leave IH-35 at exit 191 and travel West FM 306.  The site is on the
right and is well marked.  Running water, showers, area.  Several
stores, including a small one on site, are available. 

Site opens at 4 p.m.  Friday and closes 4 p.m.  Sunday.  Site fee is $10
for adults and
$5 for children under 12.  Families will pay no more than $30 site fee. 
The feast fee
is $5.  Checks should be made payable to SCA, Inc./Barony of
Bjornsborg.  Pets
must be accompanied by a current rabies certificate.  Ground fires are
allowed in
existing fire rings only, in the presence of a fire bucket. 

http://pages.prodigy.com/valencia/lyon.html for addresses...

      Send letters of intent to:
      Lady Lyonesse
      Isobel Grace Hadleigh      IGHadleigh at aol.com
      Maeva Ingvarsdottir
      Chief Cooks:
      Lady Christina Ivarsdottir

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