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From: ansteorra at eden.com
Deiter stated....
>This is an interesting twist on an old subject that I have pondered a time
>or two... let's take it a step further:
>Are knights obligated to fight in crown or should only those wishing to
>press their claim enter?
Hummm...That's not easy. My first thought is that no one can be forced to
fight  who dose'nt want to fight. That's even in the rules. However, "forced'
is different than 'obligated'. Does a knight's oath compell him to enter? Even
if he is financially(or medically) unable to fufill the role of King?

My Comments:
This questions says - Does a knight have to fight? I don't think this question
can be answered other than with straight opinion.

But the comment I would like to make is about who "SHOULD NOT" be in Crown
tournement.  Ever fighter and consort who participates in Crown tournement
MUST take an oath that (And I don't remember the exact phrasing, but this is
the essence) - They are willing, eager and able to preform the duties of the

Now, I guess this also has to do with what each fighter and consort takes the
oath to mean for them personally.  My take on it is that if you can not be the
next Crown for whatever reason, you can not take the oath, and therefore can
not be in the tourney.  But that is just my take on the oath.


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