Baldar blunts

Will Ritchie ritchie at
Thu Feb 13 21:27:07 PST 1997

> Please post a report next week about how the new Baldar Blunts fare at
> Bordermarch Spring Melees this weekend. We really need to know what we're
> gonna be up against at Gulf Wars.
> Maybe it'll make some of youse folks take the fact that we're gonna be
> decimated by Trimaran archers seriously UNLESS we come up with plenty of
> counterfire ourselves.
> Gnith
> <swhite at>

	There's finally a web page up for these things at:

	You can get a good look at them in an exploded view, and it
has the technical specifications as to components' composition & such.
The "reply to" link at the end didn't seem to work for me, but I think
it spelled it out, asgard at
				< morric at >


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