Baldar blunts

harry billings psobaka at
Fri Feb 21 15:55:38 PST 1997

>> Please post a report next week about how the new Baldar Blunts fare at
>> Bordermarch Spring Melees this weekend. We really need to know what we're
>> gonna be up against at Gulf Wars.
>> Gnith
>> <swhite at>
>	There's finally a web page up for these things at:
>	You can get a good look at them in an exploded view, and it
>has the technical specifications as to components' composition & such.
>The "reply to" link at the end didn't seem to work for me, but I think
>it spelled it out, asgard at
>					Morric
>				< morric at >
I will post a report if I get one. I have requested any one at Spring Melees
to let me know what they think about the new blunts either by priver email
or to the Ansteorran list.
I plan to run distanc test on all combat arrows at Ice Axe.
The web page and email address are both correct.
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort Kingdon of Ansteorra

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