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Fri Feb 21 16:57:52 PST 1997

A Blending of the Past and Present       

Here is the list of my featured SCA Rialto files for this month. I have 
files for all interests. If none of the files below interest you, ask for 
a copy of my complete file list. If you would like a copy of any of these 
files, just let me know. I can print them on paper for you, copy them 
to a computer disk or send them by email.

Those of you who have World-Wide-Web (WWW) access can get these files at:, although it may be a week
or two before the newest files are online.

    Stefan li Rous   (512)892-0036   markh at

Here are the new files for this month:

AEthel-hist-msg       Histories of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc.
candlesticks-msg      Medieval candlesticks.
charcoal-msg          Use and making of charcoal in period.
child-clothes-msg     Period and SCA children's clothing.
handcream-msg         Medieval lotions and handcreams. recipes.
Le-Jeu-man            "Le Jeu de la Hache". Period manual on axe
                         fighting. DiGrassi's advice on halberds.
med-letters-msg       Sources for period correspondance.
mice-msg              Medieval mice. dormice.
MK-Med-Ecc-art        "Margery Kempe: A Medieval Eccentric"
                         by Lady Isabelle de Foix.
pickled-food-msg      Medieval pickled food. recipes.
tent-interior-msg     Storage and decorating inside pavilions.
tomato-hist-art       "You say tomato I say Xitomatl" by Lord
                         Xaviar the Eccentric.
vegetarian-msg        Medieval vegetarianism. Lenten foods.

I am teaching a hands-on class on using carved soapstone molds to cast pewter
objects such as jewelry, pilgrim tokens and buttons at this year's Gulf
Wars. The class will be on Thursday and Friday at 1:00 pm. Those of you
who are 
interested in learning this medieval craft, might want to look at this file:

casting-msg            Casting pewter and other metals.


PS: I am thinking about renaming this file collection from the SCA 
Rialto Files to something else since it includes more than the Rialto
and it is at best only a selective archive of the Rialto. 

In addition to messages from the the Rialto ( this set of 
files includes messages from the Ansteorra and Bryn Gwlad mail lists, 
the old fidonet Medieval echo, other maillists and newsgroups as well 
as articles submitted by their authors. Does anyone have any ideas? Is 
there a medieval word for a collection of manuscripts, encyclopedia or
collected works?
Ld. Stefan li Rous     Barony of Bryn Gwlad        Ansteorra
Per pale gules and or, a ram's head caboshed, counterchanged 

  Mark S. Harris    markh at     Austin, TX

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