Ranged/Pole Weapons at Gulf Wars

Scott White swhite at cimedia.com
Fri Feb 21 17:03:54 PST 1997

>Question..  Will markland arrows be allowed at Gulf Wars?

Wul, they sure as hell ain't gonna be golf tubes flying slow an' sideways
thru the air ... ;)

To my knowledge, YES, Marklands and Thistles will be allowed at Gulf, but
someone more informed than me should give you the final answer.

While I've got your ear:

People, we need BODIES and SPEARS and ARROWS at Gulf Wars! As many of each
as we can muster! 

I just returned from my first Estrella War and let me tell you: The dynamics
in battles of that size are COMPLETELY different than those of the little
battles we fight in Ansteorra, like Gothic, Bordermarch and so on.

Our little engagements tend to break into single combat quickly, and as
such, sword/board is often a potent weapon choice. In the Estrella battles,
SPEARS did the killing, period.

I died maybe 20 times in two days of fighting at Estrella. One was by arrow
and one was a death-from-behind by a swordsman, and the rest were SPEAR. 


Also, I killed some 30 people with my spear, and I'm by no means a skilled

I learned that units with SPEARS on the front line absolutely raped units
with front-rank shields and second-rank spears. I'm not talking the little
"three spearmen on the front rank mowed down by a couple aggressive shields"
situations you've seen at Bordermarch and Three Kings ... I mean 20
nine-footers on the front line, with another 20 waiting to relieve them,
with shields mixed in behind, and more folks behind that.

When the big bully shieldmen charged us, we'd simply open the gates and let
them penetrate our ranks ... two or three ranks in, the charging shieldmen
were blind and stumbling and flailing and EASILY dispatched -- and they
hadn't done us much harm!

There really weren't enough arrows at Estrella to make a difference, but
I've heard that the Trimarans are bringing thousands upon thousands of
arrows to Gulf War -- Marklands and BALDAR BLUNTS that supposedly fly NINETY
YARDS! Friends, they're gonna chew us to pieces unless we can match this!

Good people of Ansteorra, I've only been a heavy fighter for a little more
than a year. This is what I'll be bringing to Gulf War:

* my BALLISTA (with which we won the siege weapon competition, by the way,
woo ha ha!)
* my bow and arrows
* my spear
* my will to win!

What are YOU going to bring?

<swhite at cimedia.com>

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