Ranged/Pole Weapons at Gulf Wars

harry billings psobaka at mail.myriad.net
Fri Feb 21 17:20:14 PST 1997

>Good people of Ansteorra, I've only been a heavy fighter for a little more
>than a year. This is what I'll be bringing to Gulf War:
>* my BALLISTA (with which we won the siege weapon competition, by the way,
>woo ha ha!)
>* my bow and arrows
>* my spear
>* my will to win!
>What are YOU going to bring?
><swhite at cimedia.com>
HL Gilli is planning on taking 1000 AWA I have heard that Wayne of the
Hights is taking 500 AWA and Agnar was trying to make 1000 AWA(helped him
and a lady friend fletch over 700 3 weeks ago.
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort Kingdon of Ansteorra

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