Gulf War

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Sat Feb 22 07:32:19 PST 1997

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 			We must also WIN lots of FRIENDS in the process....
I agree!  We are not to go to this war as old-maid school teachers, but as
the glorious representatives of Ansteorra!  It is our responsibility to share
with Trimaris and Meredies what we already know about Ansteorra, and the best
way to do that is win the war, and get their attention.  
     So, not with any malice toward our worthy opponents, but with the joy of
success always ahead as our goal, I call on one and all to go to the war, win
the competitions and battles, drink and party the Trimarans under the table,
and come home knowing that we live in beautiful Ansteorra, a blessing that so
few others can attain!!

      Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir
        Please drop by for our annual Wine and Cheese party Saturday night at
Gulf Warr.  I don't know how much we will have there, but we crave your
company and fellowship.  Donations (cheese and wine, not money.  If you have
discovered a delicious and previously unknown variety of comestable, we would
love to share in your plunder!) gleefully accepted.  All are invited, even
Trimarans, Atlantians,Venusians, whoever might be attending the war.

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