Winning at Gulf War

Lisa Carter zkr26 at
Sat Feb 22 09:22:13 PST 1997

> Friends, I am as patriotic as the next person, but I really think as a
> Society we have drifted offbase when we allow the small-town-football
> mentality to invade our wars.  Yes, it is nice to win.  Yes, it is good to
> be competitive.  But when winning becomes and end-all and be-all imperative,
> tempers flare and people get hurt.
> Remember, we are ALL friends.  The Trimaran troops are our comrades in this
> grand Dream of ours, and they want to be able to go to work come mundanity
> on Monday morning, unbroken and unbloodied.
> *I* think the war-cry should be "Go to Gulf Wars and Have a Great Lot of FUN
> Fighting!"  
> Winning or losing is irrelevant.  For each of our chivalrous fighters,
> PERSONAL HONOR should be what's important.  Isn't that why you joined the SCA? 
> My thoughts...
> Wassail,

Well said!

Learning to Serve the Dream,

Kayleigh Drake
Baroness of Bonwicke
The Western Region of Ansteorra

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