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waiting for my new email software to come.  I really do miss ya'll!

Please forward to the Ansteorran List! Thanks!

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Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 22:25:56 -0600
From: "Kimberly A. Morrow" <kmorrow at RAVEN.CC.UKANS.EDU>

Greetings! :)

Let me begin by expressing my thanks to all of you who posted to me, both
publically and privately, about the need/lack thereof for an SCA-oriented
arts-and-sciences list.  There were interesting persepctives both for and
against the  establishment of a list.  A summary of my findings follows:
Thirty-two of you responded to my inquiry.  Twenty-four of you were
outrightly in favor of the establishment of a "period"-related A&S list.
Two more of you were for it, but with some reservations.  Six of you were
totally against the establishment of another mailing list.  Your reasons
for being on the "nay" :) side were quite good: Concern was expressed
about the amount of time/bandwidth yet another SCA-related mailing list
would take up and felt that they would have no time  to read and post to
another mailing list.  Others felt that A&S topics could be adequately
discussed on the Calonet.  Still others felt that almost all A&S materials
that one could ever really need could be obtained either on the web or
from a library.  And perhaps the most compelling reason of all against the
establishment of a mailing list: The individuals who seemed to express the
greatest concern about the establishment of a mailing list were the
individuals who are known to be the most active (internet-accessible) A&S
participants in the kingdom!

In this case, however, I made the decision to go  strictly by the numbers
of people who indicated they would be interested in an A&S list.  The list
will go forward; if it works, I'll be elated! If it doesn't, so be it;
better to have tried and not succeeded than never to have tried at all!!!
:) We'll give it time and see how it goes.

A few quick guidelines about the new A&S list, known as sca-l (written in
all lower-case letters).  First, there is to be as little farbling on the
sca-l list as possible; all farbling should be done here on the calonet if
possible.  This leaves room for individuals who don't have time for all
the banter/socialization that goes on here but who are nevertheless
interested in arts-and-sciences-related topics to join and to enlighten us
with their knowledge!  :)

Second, the sca-l is not to be a place on which to duplicate existing web
pages or portions of A&S books.  Insights and perspectives on such
resources are welcome, but the resources themselves can and should be
procured elsewhere.

sca-l should be a forum on which artisans, poets, cooks, seamstresses,
musicians, Etc., can share insights, perspectives and tricks of their
respective trades.  All list members should be treated with utmost
courtesy and respect.

sca-l will be open to all the known world. I have no way to readily post
to the rialto and do not have access to other known-world lists, so if
those of you who do have such access could forward this message on, it
would be greatly appreciated!


To subscribe to sca-l, send mail to:
listproc at  Leave your subject line blank.  In the
text of the message, write: subscribe sca-l (then write your name as you
wish it to appear on the list.  **do not** write your e-mail address--just
your SCA name).  Then send your message off.  You should receive
confirmation of your request followed by an introductory message.

To post to the sca-l list:  send mail to: sca-l at
Place a header in the subject line and then write your message and send it

If you have difficulty subscribing to the list, please write to:
kmorrow at (Kimberly Morrow/Hannah of Lorenz--list owner).
I will be glad to add you or to help in any way I can.
I look forward to seeing all of you on sca-l and to learning more about
"period" arts and sciences issues.


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