Winning in general (was Winning at Gulf War)

Keith Ewing keandbc at
Mon Feb 24 10:14:58 PST 1997


It has been my experience that winning a battle is more fun than losing 
that same battle. But I would much rather lose a hotly contested fight 
that comes right down to the wire, than win easily against an 
overpowered or demoralized opponent. For me, the perfect battle is one 
in which I or my teammates overcome some disadvantage to win... barely.

One of the reasons that I love the Gulf War so much is that  our 
opponents are winners. They play to win. If we succeed in defeating 
them, then we have done a great thing, worthy of praise, for they are 
powerful and noble opponents. If we lose, then it is nothing to hang 
our heads about. We only need to practice more to insure that at no 
time are we ever beaten badly. 

At Gulf Wars, it is important to insure that the two sides continue to 
sharpen their skills to keep the balance. We must insure that it never 
becomes lopsided to preserve everyone's fun.

In short, we must continue to think and act as winners, practicing and 
honing our skills, so that we can meet our noble and fierce friends, 
the Trimarans on an equal footing.

Kein MacEwan

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