Announcing the Printing Press...

Pug Bainter pug at
Tue Feb 25 06:35:49 PST 1997

Good Morning one and all,

  I would like to announce that the printing press has arrived within
  our Society. We must fear this new creation since it will allow the
  common man access to information that they would not be able to get to
  before. It would empower them to the point they might not need us
  anymore. This will cause the end of Society as we know it. Only chaos
  can come from this.

  What am I talking about? Oh come on folks, you've seen the fear
  people have of information being on the net for everyone and their dog
  to get. *smile*

  I have returned the Crown and Great Officers of State to the
  Ansteorran web page. Since this information (at least in part, if not
  whole, albeit inaccurately) is available on the Society web page, it
  should be safe for on-line publication.

  The Lesser Officers of State, regional and group officers have not
  been made available yet and will not be until sometime in the future.

  I spent a couple hours on the phone last night with the Kingdom
  Seneschal and the Kingdom Chronicler on this topic. (I didn't call
  Their Majesties since it was nearing 10 PM already.) It was determained
  that the GOofS should be safe to publish. As well, the three of us,
  with Their Majesties, should sit down and decide what should be the
  official "guidelines" for the information published on the net.
  (Unless someone with more authority than I have just tells me what to
  do. *evil grin*)

  In the meantime it will be announced to the populace, through the
  BlackStar (an official channel of communication with officers) what
  the interrum solution is until the official guidelines are
  established. If we get lucky (I doubt it) we will have the guidelines
  done before the April BlackStar goes to print.

  Btw, I'm glad everyone has given me words of encouragment and they've
  truly helped. I would rather you spent the time and energy more
  productively though. (After all, I'm doing this cause I *wnat* to* and
  knew what I was getting into when I started. It doesn't mean I'm not
  going to vent about it every now and again though. *grin*)

  Where I'd rather see your energies focused is towards making us able
  to have *all* officer/contact information up for all regions and
  groups. As well, I'd like to see us having the event announcements and
  all of the information from the BlackStar up. To do this, we need to
  educate those people opposing it that their fears are misfounded. We
  *want* new people showing up to our meetings and events. We *want*
  people to be able to directly contact the officer they need and not
  have to go through the GOofS. Etc.

  As well, if their life is *truly* in danger, as some have claimed, they
  shouldn't be taking an officer position that has their personal
  information published *anywhere*, after all it would be a threat to
  their life if it was. On the other hand, maybe we shouldn't allow them
  to endanger themselves in that manner. *wink*

  I want our web page to be the best in the SCA, but it's difficult to do
  with the restrictions we're being given.

In Service,

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