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Tue Feb 25 07:03:15 PST 1997

Pug has noted for us:

   As well, if their life is *truly* in danger, as some have claimed, they
   shouldn't be taking an officer position that has their personal
   information published *anywhere*, after all it would be a threat to
   their life if it was. On the other hand, maybe we shouldn't allow them
   to endanger themselves in that manner. *wink*
     Maybe Ansteorra is the dumping ground (oops, maybe it is more
politically correct to call it "destinaton") for all those Witness Protection
Program participants (you know, far from New York, far from Chicago, far from
Los Angeles)  and it is our responsibility to provide a system wherein they
can participate completely, and still maintain their anonymity, no matter the
inconvience or disruption to our little lives that this system might cause to
us. (for those humorously impared, please do not take the above as a personal
attack, it is just meant to be funny)(but if I see a couple of guys in
pin-stripe suits show up to an event, I'm going to keep my head down!)

     Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir
        Deputy Kingdom Chronicler
           Yea, I'm for publishing the whole thing! ;-D

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