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Tue Feb 25 07:15:24 PST 1997

     This announcement is forwarded from Rialto:

>I have been all over the Web trying to figure out who to contact regarding
>the SCA in my area.  Having just moved to Denton (univ. of north texas)
>from San Diego (I miss Calafia and Caid), I find myself lost and
>desparate.  Any information for people to contact in the northern
>Dallas/Ft. Worth area would be greatly appreciated.  

>Thank you so much for any help you can offer.

>Darth Nielsen 

    And while I hope we can help this young person, I also think it
definitely illustrates our need for more information on our Kingdom Web Page.
 He is not an outsider or "mundane", he is one of our own that is trying to
find information, and has been unsuccessful.  His newsletter will take a
least 6 weeks to change address, and recieve the Black Star instead of the
Crown Prints.  Is he to suffer in silence until it arrives, or should he be
able to find event announcements and contact numbers when he arrives?

     Lady Tyrca

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