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Pug Bainter pug at
Tue Feb 25 08:57:22 PST 1997

> All of the aguement forgets that this is the age of divorce.  Personally I
> like the idea of the newsletter on-line.  But I can sympathise with those
> others out there who have an ex-whatever out there who IF they could find
> the person whould *happily* beat them bloody or kill them.  This is why you
> ask first.

And you think that if they have it printed in the BlackStar they won't
find it?! I'm sorry, if they want to find them, they are going to with
or without the information being on the web.

> This week past I got more than a dozen Ugly threatening phone calls.  people
> got my parents phone number from a flier that had listed me *without need or
> my permission* as a contact point for an event.

That is a different case entirely, IMO. You didn't volunteer for the

These people have volunteered to be points of contact with the public. I
would rather list the Hospitalers than the Seneschals, but I don't get
every local newsletter nor am I willing to pay for them. As well, I've
only had a couple groups send me their full officer listings via email.


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