Latin Tyrca at
Thu Feb 27 13:43:44 PST 1997

I am quite sure that everyone here understands and sympathizes with people
fleeing from abusive spouses, ex-spouses, etc.. The point I think most of us
are trying to make is that in such a case becoming a officer is not keeping
a low profile. If the abuser knows the person is involved with the SCA, then
any activity at any level where the address is printed/posted anywhere in
the SCA is risky. But letting their children continue in the same activities
as before can be just as risky. A child becoming prominent in, say, the
Little League, can be featured in the local paper. This runs the risk that a
larger paper will pick the story up. And some newspapers publish at list
some of their stories on the internet. I ran across an article which
included an interview with my nephew, a minister, which the Sioux City
newspaper had placed on the Internet. My point being, it is not safe for
someone in any form of hiding to take an office which involves giving out
their name and address even in a local setting. This is not putting down
their motives for taking an office, which I'm sure were good. This is saying
that I don't think they carefully thought through every ramification, or in
some cases they may have been talked into bidding for the office by people
who didn't understand completely the person's need for discretion.

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