Winning at Gulf War

Damaris of Greenhill damaris at
Tue Feb 25 19:33:03 PST 1997

My two cents worth:		

Someone (I forgot who) said in regards to winning wars:

> > Also, one does not achieve excellence by setting low personal standards.

And Pug responded:
> Who said you had to settle for low goals? Why can't *you* try to do the
> best you can? Even trying to do better than others is a good idea.
> Trying *only* to win or worrying about what they are doing isn't the way
> to do that.

Exactly.  And I just want to add my two cents worth.  Gunnora, to me,
seemed to be concerned about the small town football team attitude so
prevalent in Texas and OK, infiltrating Ansteorra that attitude being,
win at all costs.  It is important to win, yes.  But it is MORE
important to be able to win fairly and with honor. (did I get this
right, Gunnora?)

(who still doesnt' have a cutesy sig file.)

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