Baldar blunts

harry billings psobaka at
Tue Feb 25 17:49:48 PST 1997

I have recived three good arrows and one broken shaft and point back from
spring melees. I have not heard any thing back about how they performed.
However I have a recomadition to make When making up shafts fo0r Baldar
blunts tape over the end of the shaft with strapping tape and back up the
other side when taping the shaft. or at least tape over the end of the shaft
and then tape down the shaft and have the tape overlap behind the point.
I was told the broken arrow was from a hit that bounced off a helm and the
point whent one way and the shaft when a different direction.
Weather permitting I will test (try) to get shafts to break by shooting into
a pice of plysood at different angles to see how easy it is to get them to
When putting the points on I pressed them on as far as they would go and
then shot them into a solid barier from about 5 yds.. Shooting stright in
they semed to turn around on the knock and bounced back and hit my foot.
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort Kingdon of Ansteorra

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