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Tue Feb 25 21:01:26 PST 1997

Tyrca at wrote:
>      This announcement is forwarded from Rialto:
> >I have been all over the Web trying to figure out who to contact regarding
> >the SCA in my area.  Having just moved to Denton (univ. of north texas)
> >from San Diego (I miss Calafia and Caid), I find myself lost and
> >desparate.  Any information for people to contact in the northern
> >Dallas/Ft. Worth area would be greatly appreciated.
> >Thank you so much for any help you can offer.
> >Darth Nielsen
>     And while I hope we can help this young person, I also think it
> definitely illustrates our need for more information on our Kingdom Web Page.
>  He is not an outsider or "mundane", he is one of our own that is trying to
> find information, and has been unsuccessful.  His newsletter will take a
> least 6 weeks to change address, and recieve the Black Star instead of the
> Crown Prints.  Is he to suffer in silence until it arrives, or should he be
> able to find event announcements and contact numbers when he arrives?
>      Lady Tyrca

I would e-mail him directly, but his e-mail address was not
included.  Please refer him to

where there is considerable contact information.  And there's
a party coming up on Sat. nite in Arlington he could come to,
the flyer's on-line.

- Galen
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