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Danielle Wright CCE, Community Midwife MidwifeMom at usa.net
Wed Feb 26 06:13:44 PST 1997

>Let's also have some common sense.  Don't sit around in fear and hide from
>the world if you get prank-calls or you get harassed, wondering when it
>will happen again.  Get your life back.  Get the police involved and put
>an end to it.
Scr*w fear. I'm personally long since done with that. Keeps me from having
good-hearted fun.

>I've only seen one good reason posted for limiting information.  And that
>didn't involve hiding names/addresses, it involved hiding specific event
>locations.  The intent was to get the person who was interested in the
>event to make contact to attend.  Upon initial contact, it would be
>explained what to expect and what to wear.
Great idea. Especially for someone new like me. At the beginning of my
first meeting, I kept saying I'm lost. I still am. But now I'm having fun
being lost. Can't wait til my first weekend event. What are those things

>I enjoyed the printing press analogy.  The printing press really posed
>a problem to those who controlled information in those days.  There are
>many similarities between it's arrival and that of the internet.  Obviously
>fear is one of them.
I was scared when I first got on the net. I was smart enough to wait to
watch the movie 'The Net' til after I'd been on a while. To take advantage
of the benefits of the net, you can't sit in the corner scared to say
anything. Notice in my address I announce who I am.

Danielle the Midwife

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