Stefan's Files for March

Steven Hall scotsman at
Wed Feb 26 12:33:31 PST 1997

Greetings unto Lord Stefan li Rous from Steaphan mac Thamhais:

Lord Stefan, first, a personal thank you for your extensive efforts in compiling your library of knowledge for those of us fortunate enough to own a picture-painting farspeaker.  As a gentle newly introduced to these current Middle Ages and to the kingdom of Ansteorra, it is resources such as the one you provide that have made my transition from the mundane most comfortable.  In fact, Lord Stefan, it is that library that brings me to your attention this day.

In your most recent missive sent to me across the picture-painting farspeaker, you tell of a catalog of sorts, a list of every item that you have compiled as the caretaker of this body of knowledge.  I find myself greatly desiring to know the contents of that catalog, so that I may expand my education and, in doing so, learn more of what has transpired in my travels before I came to be a part of these current Middle Ages.

Your gracious consideration in this matter before you is most appreciated, Lord Stefan.  I remain

Yours in service to the Kingdom and the Dream,
Steaphan mac Thamhais (mka Steve Hall)

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