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>  I thought that the whole point of the SCA was
>that it is an "Educational Recreation Group". 

    Somebody got it right, out there in SCA land.  Finally someone opened the
door for my next tirade ( are you listening Galen?).  For many people in the
SCA within this Kingdom, the SCA is not  an  "Educational Recreation Group",
it is a way of life.
   For many of these individuals, not all, but many, their lives are ran by
the scheduale of the SCA.  These people eat, drink, sleep, sh*t, and live
their whole life around the Society.
These people are so wrapped up in " Living the Dream", that they have
forgotten what the dream is.  These people firmly believe that the SCA is
their own personal world, their playground or their private club, and that
anybody new, or ignorant of their world, just aren't welcome.
  Not that many of the principles and ideals that we develop within the SCA
are not relavent in the REAL world, they are, and I, myself, have become a
better person because of many of the value and friends, I discovered within
the SCA.  But in many instances, these people, whom the SCA has consumed,
treat the SCA as their own private little club and no one else is welcome.
 These are your proffesional SCA er's.

  OK- where an I going with this?  Back about a year ago my wife asked me a
" What would you do if the SCA no longer existed?" I couldn't answer.  And
not being able to answer this simple question, literally scared the bejebers
out of me.  After devoting almost 2 years to get our Barony started and 2.5
years as Baron and (pardon my phrasology Galen) " chasing" the belt for 10
years, I realized that the SCA had so ingrained itself into my psychic that I
almost had no where else to go, if the SCA suddenly ceased to exist.  I had
become a proffesional SCA er.  It was then that I realized that I had missed
the whole point of the SCA.  It is not mine or anybody elses private club to
play in. The SCA is an "Educational Recreation Group". The key words here are
 "Educational Group", not CLUB.
  I know I'm going to get flamed massively for this, but I got strong
 Baron Bors of Lothian
  Par Deu, bel sire, cist est de ae vostre lin,
  Et si mangue un grant braun porcin
  Et a dous traitz beit un cester de vin.
  Ben dure guete deit il rendre a sun veisin.

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