Putting foot in mouth

E.Preston III & Shelly K.Walker wf3 at icok.net
Wed Feb 26 13:42:47 PST 1997

Baronman at aol.com wrote:
  For many people in the
> SCA within this Kingdom, the SCA is not  an  "Educational Recreation Group",
> it is a way of life.

> These people are so wrapped up in " Living the Dream", that they have
> forgotten what the dream is.  These people firmly believe that the SCA is
> their own personal world, their playground or their private club, and that
> anybody new, or ignorant of their world, just aren't welcome.

>  These are your proffesional SCA er's.
 The SCA is an "Educational Recreation Group". The key words here are
>  "Educational Group", not CLUB.

Baron Bors, you have my gratefulness and hearty vivat for having the
courage to say this. I applaud you.
Britta the Red
Gnomon Vale


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