1996 Ansteorra On-Line Awards

Galen of Bristol pmitchel at flash.net
Mon Jan 6 11:22:53 PST 1997

1996 Ansteorra On-Line Awards!

The 1996 Ansteorra On-Line Awards is the first project to recognize
to the Kingdom of Ansteorra of the Society for Creative Anachronism
the medium of the Internet, including the World Wide Web, USENET,
IRC, etc, for the period prior to January 1, 1997.

* WHO:
Anyone may be nominated. Anyone may place names in nomination. Anyone
with their own e-mail account may vote for the winner. This project is
being conducted by Viscount Galen of Bristol.

* HOW:
Nominations will be accepted via e-mail only. Reasons for the
nomination may accompany the nomination. Nominees must be identified
by SCA name, other identifying information would also be appreciated,
and can be withheld on request. Nominations may be sent to Viscount
Galen of Bristol until midnight, Jan. 15th, 1997. Nominations posted
to the Rialto will not be accepted, unless an e-mail copy is sent
to Viscount Galen at the foregoing address.  It is preferred that
nomination not be posted to public forums.  Viscount Galen
reserves the right to disqualify frivolous nominations. Photos of
nominees in JPEG format are welcome, but not required. Prior to Jan.
20, 1997, the full list of nominees will be posted to the Ansteorra
mailing list, the Rialto and the Awards Website at
http://www.flash.net/~pmitchel/awards.htm. Anyone with their own
e-mail account may vote. Each person voting will indicate a first,
second and third preference. Three points will be awarded for each
first-place vote, two for each second-place vote, and one point for
each third-place vote. Votes will be cast by e-mail only. In order to
assure that individuals do not cast multiple votes, anonymous votes
will not be accepted, but all votes will be held strictly
confidential. Votes will be sent to and tallyed by a reputable
individual who is not a nominee. The winner will be the nominee who
receives the most points; the full results of the voting will be
posted to the Ansteorra Mailing List, the Rialto, and the Awards
Website, and forwarded via hardcopy to the Crown of Ansteorra.

Nominations will be accepted through Jan. 15th, 1997. Nominees will be
posted prior to Jan. 20th, 1997. Votes will be accepted through Jan.
31st, 1997. Vote tallys will be posted prior to Candlemas.

* WHY:
SCA members interact through many media, including one-on-one contact,
in meetings, in court, in combat, while cooperating on events and
projects, on the telephone, through the rumor mill, through
publications, video and audio recordings, as well as through website
publications, e-mail, electronic mailing lists, newsgroups, ftp sites,
and more. At present, only a minority of several hundred SCA members
in Ansteorra have Internet access, and the majority of SCA
policymakers are not on-line. Not being on-line, they are hard-put to
understand the value of contributions to the kingdom or the Society
made through electronic media (much as someone who never saw an SCA
newsletter would have a hard time understanding why Chroniclers make
an important contribution). This project is intended to enable on-line
SCA members to recognize those among them who have been of especial
service to Ansteorra and its members through their work on-line.

Completely on-line, of course. Announcements will be posted to the
Ansteorra mailing list, the Rialto, and the Awards website at

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