A New Poet in Valhalla

Heidi J Torres hjt at tenet.edu
Mon Jan 6 16:24:06 PST 1997

Mari greets Giles and all others in sadness...

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997 Gileshill at aol.com wrote:

> Gunnora told us
> > that the Allfather has chosen a new skald for his Hall, and so now Master
> Ragnar
> >  Ulfgarsson, Court Baron, OL, CIM, AST, ASCr, OUMB, AoA, LION OF
> > ANSTEORRA has gone to sit at the right hand of Odinn.
> Some of my earliest memories of the Society are of Ragnar holding a group of
> newcomers from Bonwicke spellbound with the sound of his voice, rolling
> smoothly over the stanzas of poetry.  He was the measure by which I judged
> all other bards. Few have equalled him, and none exceeded.
> Farewell, brother.
> Giles
> Gyldenholt, Caid

Thank you for your kind words and memories.  

Ragnar was one of those people who truly was larger than life.  He is 
deeply missed by all who knew and loved him and nothing around here will 
be quite the same for a long time.

>From those of you who knew him I would ask a favor: if you have stories 
or memories to share about Master Ragnar, I pray you do so.  These 
memories are of great comfort to his wife Thordis, and all his friends.  
Share them here, if you would.  I believe Lionardo will be collecting 
such postings to give to Thordis, and to publish in a future memorial.

My thanks.


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