A New Poet in Valhalla

Gileshill at aol.com Gileshill at aol.com
Thu Jan 2 17:48:22 PST 1997

Gunnora told us

> that the Allfather has chosen a new skald for his Hall, and so now Master
>  Ulfgarsson, Court Baron, OL, CIM, AST, ASCr, OUMB, AoA, LION OF
> ANSTEORRA has gone to sit at the right hand of Odinn.

Some of my earliest memories of the Society are of Ragnar holding a group of
newcomers from Bonwicke spellbound with the sound of his voice, rolling
smoothly over the stanzas of poetry.  He was the measure by which I judged
all other bards. Few have equalled him, and none exceeded.

Farewell, brother.

Gyldenholt, Caid

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