A New Poet in Valhalla

Nancy Wederstrandt nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Jan 6 06:52:30 PST 1997

        Thomas and I didn't go to the funeral or wake because 1) we had
committed to go to 12th Night, which was well, since many people who were
in charge( Hal, Siobhan, etc all) were upset and wanted to talk.  2) Thomas
and I tend to deal with our grief in quiet ways.  Which is not to say that
we are better worse just different.  He and I think that we would like to
get a tree either an Ash (very Norse) or an Oak (very symbolic) and plant
it at Whitewater
as a memory and a place where friends can gather and remember, tell
stories, etc. I think Ragnor would like that.  If you and Damaris would
like I'll let you know when we do it.  Mostly we have told told this to
Leon, Branwen, Hal, Paul, and people like that.
        Thinking of you my friend,

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