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Subject: SCA etc.

The SCA here at the University of Houston is having problems.  If there is
anyone, especially 
studients at UofH, would like to help out the SCA, they could use the
Get with me if you want more info! 

If this is indeed a problem of too low a number of members, perhaps some
efforts are needed. This particular problem has been discussed on the Rialto
before and you might find some of the events/ideas that others have done

There is a file in the SCA-INC section of my SCA Rialto Files that might
prove useful:
recruitment-msg   (36K) 11/11/96    Recruitment ideas. bringing in new

If the problem is money, then they might want to look at:
fundraising-msg   (41K)  6/21/96    Fundraising ideas for SCA groups.

These files or my complete filelist are available from me by email in either
or Word format. The files are also available at:

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad

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