low numbers in univ. groups

Lori Jones LJONES at bashful.ossm.edu
Thu Jan 9 15:08:50 PST 1997

> >SCA having low numbers problems athe UofH.

This is a very common problem in groups who draw primarily from 
Universities.  I can speak from experience in this instance.  I spent 
my first four years in the SCA in the Shire of Mooneschadowe which, 
at that time, drew most of its new members from the OSU College 

The low numbers drawn from the University are mostly due to the lack 
of free time available to the students (we had lots of people express 
an interest).  In general, this lack of time forces the college 
students to be highly selective about their interests. They usually
tend to pick groups which don't require as much of a time committment 
as the SCA does.  Of all the students that checked us out during the 
time I was in Mooneschadowe, I'm sure fewer than a fourth stuck with 
us (probably less).  I think college-based SCA groups have to be very 
active with their demos - at least one per semester.  This 
allows students who were interested, but too busy the previous 
semester, to be reminded of us.  Holding fighter practices on campus 
could also help (I don't remember if this was already being done...).     

I believe the way Mooneschadowe solved the problem with the large 
turnover from the University was by directing recruitment to the 
permanent Stillwater, OK residents (the fact that many strong SCA 
players decided to remain in Stillwater after college graduation 
didn't hurt either).

Current Mooneschadowe members would be much better equipped 
to advise on this subject, as I haven't lived there in a long while and 
am more than a little out of touch with the current group's dynamics.  
Still, I thought I'd offer my $.02 worth.  

I guess recruiting from the Houston population at large isn't a great 
idea for the U of H group - as the Houston area already supports 
several large branches from it's non-collegiate community.  I'm not 
sure, but wasn't the group designation "college of..." supposed to 
allow college-supported groups the ability to go dormant during 
school breaks and periods when activity levels aren't sufficient to
sustain the group and fill local offices?  I know that wouldn't be 
the preferred choice, if any other options are available.

- Bs. Kat
  Barony of Wiesenfeuer
  Oklahoma City, OK
  LJONES at ossm.edu  

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