Gold Lame'

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Thu Jan 9 19:32:43 PST 1997

On Mon, 23 Dec 1996, Nathan Jones wrote:

> But as Jovian Skleros mentioned in a follow-up letter, there are many types 
> of fabric called lamè.  I was mostly thinking about the 100% polyester gold 
> colored cloth, it being the most obvious non-period type of lamè.    
> And I must admit, I wear a costume that has a type of lamè lining the 
> sleeves.  I love the costume, I get many compliments about it, and I also 
> know that the fabric is of no known material of our period.  Oh, and the 
> pattern is also out of period.  But, I love and wear the costume!  (and as 
> many who know me will no doubt point out, I have far too few SCA clothes!)
OK, now I am utterly confused.

I assumed, once I thought a bit, that Gio was discussing that knit stuff
with the foil gold stuff attached to the top.  It is pretty and ripples
beautifully.  My belly-dance teacher loves it for caberet.  I would never
*dream* of using it for garb, however

There is this gorgeous stuff called tissue lame.  It is most likely
synthetic (I try not to look at fabric I really can't afford) and a weave.
Very light-weight and is very inclined to unravel.  One of these years,
I am going to make my husband something Tudor out of velveteen (being more
period than modern velvet that I ever find and having more body) and some
silver tissue lame for sleeve insets.  I am going to make the garb no
matter what (already bought trim), but is this lame a Bad Thing (tm)?

Rather curious,
Grimfells, Calontir

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