peer fear

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Thu Jan 9 19:52:46 PST 1997

On Fri, 27 Dec 1996 Mjccmc01 at wrote:

> An approach that the household I was "brung up in" in Meridies had an
> excellent method:  The various associates in the household (who were
> presumably less intimidating the the peers who headed it) were sent out to
> find one or two unattached, new souls and invite them to eat with the
> household.  I've always wanted to adopt the tradition myself, but my
> apprentices terminally overcommit and rarely sit down through a feast.
>  Please, anyone interested feel free to swipe the idea.

I apologies for coming in late, but I have beenout of town for two weeks.

This is a lovley idea that I wish more folk would do.  I am very
uncomfortable with new senarios and my husband is classicaly shy.  It
would be nice to be included in someone's household at feast when we are
traveling (I wouldn't dare ask someone I just met, Richard wouldn't ask at
all) instead of quietly admiring everyone else's stuff, plotting what I
want to find for us, and wishing we were brave enough to join in.

Getting braver as time goes by,
Grimfells, Calontir

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