Michael Gunter michael_gunter1 at
Fri Jan 10 11:51:59 PST 1997

Hello everyone,

Here's the latest update on Coronation for next weekend.

Merchants are now welcome.  We have secured an indoor spot where merchants
may sell their wares.  The merchant fee should be very reasonable.

There will be a list of ingredients for each dish of the feast at sign-up.
Also there will be sign-up sheets for servers and for the children's feast. 
Children will be feasted in a separate room during Mikael and Mikaela's
court.  Servers and musicians will be feasted approx. 1/2 hour before the
general feast begins.

Vegetarians please note that there should be plenty of food for you since I
have made sure that some dishes are prepared without meat.
Navy bean casserole, salad, pasta, desserts, bread & butters.

Any more changes will be updated.

We hope to see everyone there and y'all have a great time.



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