SCA etc. (fwd)

ches ches at
Sat Jan 11 02:44:30 PST 1997

I received several posts from several folks with really good
comments. But my box was being overwhelmed! It was a public post
about a public post to not kill my box, send your comments to the
lady in question or to the list. Not to my box, I do not know if they
were meant to be public or not. I am well aware of the list rules and
own a list myself. No offence meant or taken. :)

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: From: E.Preston III & Shelly K Walker <wf3 at>
: To: ansteorra at
: Subject: Re: SCA etc. (fwd)
: Date: Friday, January 10, 1997 8:18 PM
: Ches, by posting the message about the Un. of Houston, we all
assume it
: was open for discussion.


 I'm not trying to be rude at all, please pardon me if I speak
: ineloquently. :-)
: Britta the Red

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